Computational Legal Studies Blog

Computational Legal Studies Blog by Daniel Katz, Mike Bommarito & Jon Zelner.

From the about page:

The Computational Legal Studies Blog was founded on March 17, 2009. The CLS Blog is an attempt to disseminate legal or law related studies that employ a computational or complex systems component. We hope this venue will serve as a coordinating device for those interested in using such techniques to consider the development of legal systems and/or implementation of more reasoned public policy.

It isn’t important that you believe in “…reasoned public policy” but that you realize a number of people do.

This site collects information and analysis that may be persuasive to “…reasoned public policy” types.

There are a large number of resources and if even a quarter of them are as good as this site, the time spent mining them will be well worth it.

Ping me if you see something extraordinary.


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