What Does Probability Mean in Your Profession? [Divergences in Meaning]

What Does Probability Mean in Your Profession? by Ben Orlin.

Impressive drawings that illustrate the divergence in meaning of “probability” for various professions.

I’m not sold on the “actual meaning” drawing because if everyone in a discipline understands “probability” to mean something else, on what basis can you argue for the “actual meaning?”

If I am reading a paper by someone who subscribes to a different meaning than your claimed “actual” one, then I am going to reach erroneous conclusions about their paper. Yes?

That is in order to understand a paper I have to understand the words as they are being used by the author. Yes?

If I understand “democracy and freedom” to mean “serves the interest of U.S.-based multinational corporations,” then calls for “democracy and freedom” in other countries isn’t going to impress me all that much.

Enjoy the drawings!

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