Public Terminal on Your Network or Computer?

Update Flash now! Adobe releases patch, fixing critical security holes by Graham Cluley.

Graham details the latest in a series of patches for critical flaws in Flash and instead of completely removing Flash from your computer recommends:

Instead, I would suggest that Adobe Flash users consider enabling “Click to Play” in their browser.


And how are you going to decide if Flash content is malicious or not? Before you “click to play?”

To be honest, I can’t.

Flash on your computer is the equivalent of a public terminal to your network or computer on a street corner.

My recommendation? Remove Flash completely from your computer.

What about Flash content?

If I really want to view something that requires Flash, I write to the source saying I won’t install public access to my computer in order to view their content.

If enough of us do that, perhaps Flash will die the sort of death it deserves.

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