eXist: XQuery FLWOR Expression Updates

Fixes for FLWOR expressions #763

From the webpage:

This is a major update to FLWOR processing in eXist to align it with the 3.0/3.1 specification. The “for”, “let”, “where”, “order by” and “group by” clauses are now implemented as separate classes (instead of being attached to a main “for” or “let”), and may thus appear in any place the spec allows. A FLWOR expression may have multiple “order by”, “group by” or “where” clauses. The previous implementation was too restrictive, allowing those clauses only in specific positions.

The “group by” clause, which was added back in 2007 and has been updated a few times since then, was completely rewritten and does now also support collations. The “allowing empty” spec within a “for” is now respected.

You need the nightly build version to benefit from these latest changes. (As of August 28, 2015. Eventually the changes will make it into a release candidate and then into a stable version.)

Currently available versions include:

Stable Release, version 2.2

Release Candidate, version 3.0 RC 1 (not recommended for production)

Nightly Builds, Use at your own risk

I first saw this in a tweet by Jonathan Robie.

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