Lisp for the Modern Web

Lisp for the Modern Web by Vito Van.

From the post:

What to Expect

This piece is about how to build a modern web application with Common Lisp in the backend, from scratch.

You may need to have some knowledge about Front End Development, cause we won’t explain the steps for building the client.

Why Lisp? Again

It is awesome.

I don’t think we need another reason for using Lisp, do we? Life is short, let’s be awesome!

It’s been more than half a century since Lisp first appeared, she’s like the The One Ring in the Middle-earth. The one who mastered the spell of Lisp, will rule the world, once again.

Other reasons.

If you need some other reasons beside awesome, here is some articles about Lisp, enjoy them.

I have never been fond of triumphalism so let me give you a more pragmatic reason for using Lisp:

Ericka Chickowski reports in Angler Climbing To Top Of Exploit Heap that Angler makes up 82% of the exploit kits in use.

Angler targets? Adobe Flash and Java.

Any questions?

You can write vulnerable code in Lisp just as you can any other language. But then it will be your mistake and not something broken at the outset.

I first saw this in a tweet by Christophe Lalanne.

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