Text Processing in R

Text Processing in R by Matthew James Denny.

From the webpage:

This tutorial goes over some basic concepts and commands for text processing in R. R is not the only way to process text, nor is it really the best way. Python is the de-facto programming language for processing text, with a lot of builtin functionality that makes it easy to use, and pretty fast, as well as a number of very mature and full featured packages such as NLTK and textblob. Basic shell scripting can also be many orders of magnitude faster for processing extremely large text corpora — for a classic reference see Unix for Poets. Yet there are good reasons to want to use R for text processing, namely that we can do it, and that we can fit it in with the rest of our analyses. I primarily make use of the stringr package for the following tutorial, so you will want to install it:

Perhaps not the best tool for text processing but if you are inside R and have text processing needs, this will get you started.

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