Digital Bodleian

I know very little of what there is to be known about the Bodleian Library but as soon as I saw Digital Bodleian, I had to follow the link.

As of today, there are 115,179 images and more are on their way. Check the collections frequently and for new collections as well.

One example that is near and dear to me:

Exploring Egypt in the 19th Century

The popup reads:

A complete facsimile of publications from the early-nineteeth-century expeditions to Egypt by Champollion and Rosellini.

The growth of “big data” isn’t just from the production of new data but from the digitization of existing collections as well.

Now the issue is how to collate copies of inscriptions by Champollion in these works with much later materials. So that a scholar finding one such resource will be automatically made aware of the others.

That may not sound like a difficult task but given the amount of material published every year, it remains a daunting one.

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