From the webpage:

SciGraph aims to represent ontologies and data described using ontologies as a Neo4j graph. SciGraph reads ontologies with owlapi and ingests ontology formats available to owlapi (OWL, RDF, OBO, TTL, etc). Have a look at how SciGraph translates some simple ontologies.


  • OWL 2 Support
  • Provide a simple, usable, Neo4j representation
  • Efficient, parallel ontology ingestion
  • Provide basic “vocabulary” support
  • Stay domain agnostic


  • Create ontologies based on the graph
  • Reasoning support

Some applications of SciGraph:

  • the Monarch Initiative uses SciGraph for both ontologies and biological data modeling [repaired link] [Monarch enables navigation across a rich landscape of phenotypes, diseases, models, and genes for translational research.]
  • SciCrunch uses SciGraph for vocabulary and annotation services [biomedical but also has US patents?]
  • CINERGI uses SciGraph for vocabulary and annotation services [Community Inventory of EarthCube Resources for Geosciences Interoperability, looks very ripe for a topic map discussion]

If you are interested in representation, modeling or data integration with ontologies, you definitely need to take a look at SciGraph.


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