New Natural Language Processing and NLTK Videos

Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK p.1 Tokenizing words and Sentences and Stop Words – Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK p.2 by Harrison Kinsley.

From part 1:

Natural Language Processing is the task we give computers to read and understand (process) written text (natural language). By far, the most popular toolkit or API to do natural language processing is the Natural Language Toolkit for the Python programming language.

The NLTK module comes packed full of everything from trained algorithms to identify parts of speech to unsupervised machine learning algorithms to help you train your own machine to understand a specific bit of text.

NLTK also comes with a large corpora of data sets containing things like chat logs, movie reviews, journals, and much more!

Bottom line, if you’re going to be doing natural language processing, you should definitely look into NLTK!

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sample code:

Use the Playlist link:… link as I am sure more videos will be appearing in the near future.


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