How to secure your baby monitor [Keep Out Creeps, FBI, NSA, etc.]

How to secure your baby monitor by Lisa Vaas.

From the post:

Two more nurseries have been invaded, with strangers apparently spying on parents and their babies via their baby monitors.

This is nuts. We’re hearing more and more about these kinds of crimes, but there’s nothing commonplace about the level of fear they’re causing as families’ privacy is invaded. It’s time we put some tools into parents’ hands to help.

First, the latest creep-out cyber nursery tales. Read on to the bottom for ways to help keep strangers out of your family’s business.

I don’t know for a fact the FBI or NSA have tapped into baby monitors. But anyone who engages in an orchestrated campaign of false testimony in court spanning decades, lies to Congress (and the public), as well as kidnaps, tortures and executes people, well, my expectations aren’t all that high.

You really are entitled to privacy in your own home, especially with such a joyous occasion as the birth of a child. But that isn’t going to happen by default. Nor is the government going to guarantee that privacy. And it isn’t going to happen by default. Sorry.

You would not bath or dress your child in the front yard so don’t allow their room to become the front yard.

Teach your children good security habits along with looking both ways and holding hands to cross the street.

Almost all digitally recorded data is or can be compromised. That won’t change in the short run but we can create islands of privacy for our day to day lives. Starting with every child’s bedroom.

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