Plumbing the Depths of Abject Stupidity

Congressional Rep. John Carter Discovers Encryption; Worries It May One Day Be Used On Computers To Protect Your Data by Mike Masnick.

I can’t match Mike’s setup to where Rep. John Carter discovers encryption but here is Rep. Carter’s reaction:

Carter: Then if that gets to be the wall, the stone wall, and even the law can’t penetrate it, then aren’t we creating an instrument [that] is the perfect tool for lawlessness. This is a very interesting conundrum that’s developing in the law. If they, at their own will at Microsoft can put something in a computer — or at Apple — can put something in that computer [points on a smartphone], which it is, to where nobody but that owner can open it, then why can’t they put it in the big giant super computers, that nobody but that owner can open it. And everything gets locked away secretly. And that sounds like a solution to this great cyber attack problem, but in turn it allows those who would do us harm [chuckles] to have a tool to do a great deal of harm where law enforcement can’t reach them. This is a problem that’s gotta be solved.

That is truly appalling.

That would be Rep. John Carter from Texas.

John has been elected to the House for six (6) terms. Suggestion: Contact every person you know who has ever donated to one of John’s campaigns. Urge them to 1) Demand a refund (not going to happen but it will get his attention), and, 2) Refuse to donate another dime to any future John Carter campaign. If you don’t know someone who has supported John Carter, email this post to anyone you know who may know someone in Texas. (The old six degrees of separation plot.)

I say that in lieu of suggestions for structural reform that may be amusing but not “practical.”

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