Chinese Tradition Inspires Machine Learning Advancements, Product Contributions

Chinese Tradition Inspires Machine Learning Advancements, Product Contributions by George Thomas Jr..

From the post:

A new online Chinese riddle game is steeped in more than just tradition. In fact, the machine learning and artificial intelligence that fuels it derives from years of research that also helps drive Bing Search, Bing Translator, the Translator App for Windows Phone, and other products.

Launched in celebration of the Chinese New Year, Microsoft Chinese Character Riddle is based on the two-player game unique to Chinese traditional culture and part of the Chinese Lantern Festival. Developed by the Natural Language Computing Group in the Microsoft Research's Beijing lab, the game not only quickly returns an answer to a user's riddle, but also works in reverse: when a user enters a single Chinese character as the intended answer, the system generates several riddles from which to choose.

"These innovations typically embody the strategic thought of Natural Language Processing 2.0, which is to collect big data on the Internet, to automatically build AI models using statistical machine learning methods, and to involve users in the innovation process by quickly getting their on-line feedback." Says Dr. Ming Zhou, Group Leader for Natural Language Computing Group and Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research Asia. "Thus the riddle system will continue to improve."

I don’t know any Chinese characters at all so others will need to judge the usefulness of this machine learning version. I did find a general resource on Riddles about Chinese Characters.

What other word or riddle games would pose challenges for machine learning?

I first saw this in a tweet by Microsoft Research.

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