50 Shades Sex Scene detector

NLP-in-Python by Lynn Cherny.

No, the title is not “click-bait” because section 4 of Lynn’s tutorial is titled:

4. Naive Bayes Classification – the infamous 50 Shades Sex Scene Detection because spam is boring

Titles can be accurate and NLP can be interesting.

Imagine an ebook reader that accepts 3rd party navigation for ebooks. Running NLP on novels could provide navigation that isolates the sex or other scenes for rapid access.

An electronic abridging of the original. Not unlike CliffsNotes.

I suspect that could be a marketable information product separate from the original ebook.

As would the ability to overlay 3rd party content on original ebook publications.

Are any of the open source ebook readers working on such a feature? Easier to develop demand for that feature on open source ebook readers and then tackle the DRM/proprietary format stuff.

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