Draft Sorted Definitions for XPath 3.1

I have uploaded a draft of sorted definitions for XPath 3.1. See: http://www.durusau.net/publications/xpath-alldefs-sorted.html

I ran across an issue you may encounter in the future with W3C documents in general and these drafts in particular.

While attempting to sort on the title attribute of the a elements that mark each definition, I got the following error:

A sequence of more than one item is not allowed as the @select attribute of xsl:sort


The stylesheet was working with a subset of the items but not when I added more items to it.

Turns out one of the items I added reads:

<p>[<a name=”dt-focus” id=”dt-focus” title=”focus” shape=”rect”>Definition</a>: The first three components of the <a title=”dynamic context” href=”#dt-dynamic-context” shape=”rect”>dynamic context</a> (context item, context position, and context size) are called the <b>focus</b> of the expression. ] The focus enables the processor to keep track of which items are being processed by the expression. If any component in the focus is defined, all components of the focus are defined.</p>

Ouch! The title attribute on the second a element was stepping into my sort select.

The solution:

<xsl:sort select=”a[position()=1]/@title” data-type=”text”/>

As we have seen already, markup in W3C specifications varies from author to author so a fixed set of stylesheets may or may not be helpful. Some XSLT snippets on the other hand are likely to turn out to be quite useful.

One of the requirements for the master deduped and sorted definitions is that I want to know the origin(s) of all the definitions. That is if the definition only occurs in XQuery, I want to know that as well was if the definition only occurs in XPath and XQuery, and so on.

Still thinking about the best way to make that easy to replicate. Mostly because you are going to encounter definition issues in any standard you proof.

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