Awesome Common Lisp

Awesome Common Lisp by Koz Ross.

From the webpage:

A curated list of Common Lisp good stuff. I give preference to free software for code, and sellers who aren’t evil for physical resources.

This is released under the GNU Free Documentation License – its text is provided in the LICENSE file.

All libraries listed here are available from Quicklisp unless stated otherwise.

A deeply impressive list of Common Lisp resources. As “big data” becomes even bigger, curated lists (or more sophisticated) collections of resources will become quite popular.

Yahoo tried that at the inception of the WWW but its buckets were too random and too large. Drowning in a bucket is as bad as drowning in the ocean. Perhaps more so because you jumped into the bucket to avoid drowning at all.

Curated collections of resources will have to be more focused and sophisticated than the Yahoo bucket model.

Specific suggestions?

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