Developing a D3.js Edge

Developing a D3.js Edge by Chris Viau, Andrew Thornton, Ger Hobbelt, and Roland Dunn. (book)

From the description:

D3 is a powerful framework for producing interactive data visualizations. Many examples created in the real world with D3, however, can best be described as “spaghetti code.” So, if you are interested in using D3 in a reusable and modular way, which is of course in line with modern development practices, then this book is for you!

This book is aimed at intermediate developers, so to get the most from this book you need to know some JavaScript, and you should have experience creating graphics using D3. You will also want to have a good debugger handy (Chrome Developer panel or the Firefox/Firebug combo), to help you step through the many real world examples that you’ll find in this book. You should also be somewhat comfortable with any of these concepts:

If you read Kurt Cagle’s Ten Trends in Data Science 2015, you will recall him saying that 2014: “…demand for good data visualizers went from tepid to white hot” with the anticipation the same will be true for 2015.

Do note the qualifier “good.” That implies to me more than being able to use the stock charts and tools that you find in many low-end data tools.

Unlike the graphic capabilities of low-end data tools, D3 is limited more by your imagination than any practical limit to D3.

So, dust off your imagination and add D3 to your tool belt for data visualization.

PS: All the source code is here:

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