Cloudera Live (Update)

Cloudera Live (Update)

I thought I had updated: Cloudera Live (beta) but apparently not!

Let me correct that today:

Cloudera Live is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Apache Hadoop and it now includes self­-guided, interactive demos and tutorials. With a one-­button deployment option, you can spin up a four-­node cluster of CDH, Cloudera’s open source Hadoop platform, within minutes. This free, cloud­-based Hadoop environment lets you:

  • Learn the basics of Hadoop (and CDH) through pre-­loaded, hands-­on tutorials
  • Plan your Hadoop project using your own datasets
  • Explore the latest features in CDH
  • Extend the capabilities of Hadoop and CDH through familiar partner tools, including Tableau and Zoomdata

Caution: The free trial is for fourteen (14) days only. To prevent billing to your account, you must delete the four machine cluster that you create.

I understand the need for a time limit but fourteen (14) days seems rather short to me, considering the number of options in the Hadoop ecosystem.

There is a read-only CDH option which is limited to three hour sessions.


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