Announcing Apache Pig 0.14.0

Announcing Apache Pig 0.14.0 by Daniel Dai.

From the post:

With YARN as its architectural center, Apache Hadoop continues to attract new engines to run within the data platform, as organizations want to efficiently store their data in a single repository and interact with it simultaneously in different ways. Apache Tez supports YARN-based, high performance batch and interactive data processing applications in Hadoop that need to handle datasets scaling to terabytes or petabytes.

The Apache community just released Apache Pig 0.14.0,and the main feature is Pig on Tez. In this release, we closed 334 Jira tickets from 35 Pig contributors. Specific credit goes to the virtual team consisting of Cheolsoo Park, Rohini Palaniswamy, Olga Natkovich, Mark Wagner and Alex Bain who were instrumental in getting Pig on Tez working!

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.40.43 AMThis blog gives a brief overview of Pig on Tez and other new features included in the release.

Pig on Tez

Apache Tez is an alternative execution engine focusing on performance. It offers a more flexible interface so Pig can compile into a better execution plan than is possible with MapReduce. The result is consistent performance improvements in both large and small queries.

Since it is the Thanksgiving holiday this week in the United States, this release reminds me to ask why is turkey the traditional Thanksgiving meal? Everyone likes bacon better. 😉

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