neo4apis by Brian Underwood.

From the post:

I’ve been reading a few interesting analyses of Twitter data recently such as this #gamergate analysis by Andy Baio. I thought it would be nice to have a mechanism for people to quickly and easily import data from Twitter to Neo4j for research purposes. Like a good programmer I had to go up at least one level of abstraction. Thus was born the ruby gems neo4apis and neo4apis-twitter (and, incidentally, neo4apis-github just to prove it was repeatable).

Using the neo4apis-twitter gem is easy and can be used either in your ruby code or from the command line. neo4apis takes care of loading your data efficiently as well as creating database indexes so that you can query it effectively.

In case you haven’t heard, the number of active Twitter users is estimated at 228 million. That is a lot of users but as I write this post, the world’s population passed 7,271,955,000.

Just doing rough numbers, 7,271,955,000 / 228,000,000 = 31.

So if you captured a tweet from every active twitter user, that would be 1/31 of the world’s population.

Not saying you shouldn’t capture tweets or analyze them in Neo4j. I am saying that you should be mindful of the lack of representation in such tweets.

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