Clojure in Unity 3D: Functional Video Game Development

Clojure in Unity 3D: Functional Video Game Development by Ramsey Nasser and Tims Gardner.

I had never considered computer games from this perspective:

You have to solve every hard problem in computer science, 60 times a second. Brandon Bloom.

Great presentation, in part because of its focus on demonstrating results. Interested viewers left to consult the code for the details.

Combines Clojure with Unity (a game engine) that can export to PS4.

Is being enjoyable the primary difference between video games and most program interfaces?

A project to watch!

Useful links:

@timsgardner , Tims Gardner

@ra , Ramsey Nasser,

@jplur_ , Joseph Parker,

Unity (Game Engine) (Windows/Mac OS)

PS: I need to get a PS4 in order to track game development with Clojure. If you want to donate one to that cause, contact me for a shipping address.

I won’t spend countless hours playing games that are not Clojure related. I am juggling enough roles without adding any fantasy (computer-based anyway) ones. 😉

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