Property Suggester

Wikidata just got 10 times easier to use by Lydia Pintscher.

From an email post:

We have just deployed the entity suggester. This helps you with suggesting properties. So when you now add a new statement to an item it will suggest what should most likely be added to that item. One example: You are on an item about a person but it doesn’t have a date of birth yet. Since a lot of other items about persons have a date of birth it will suggest you also add one to this item. This will make it a lot easier for you to figure out what the hell is missing on an item and which property to use.

Thank you so much to the student team who worked on this as part of their bachelor thesis over the last months as well as everyone who gave feedback and helped them along the way.

I’m really happy to see this huge improvement towards making Wikidata easier to use. I hope so are you.

I suspect such a suggester for topic map authoring would need to be domain specific but it would certainly be a useful feature.

At least so long as I can say: No more suggestions of X property. 😉

An added wrinkle could be suggested properties and why, from a design standpoint, they could be useful to include.

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