Who Needs Terrorists? We Have The NSA.

Germany dumps Verizon for government work over NSA fears by David Meyer.

From the post:

The German government is ditching Verizon as its network infrastructure provider, and it’s citing Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA surveillance as a reason.

David summarizes and gives pointers to all the statements you will need for “thank you” notes to the NSA or complaints to the current and past administrations.

United States citizens don’t need to worry about possible terrorist attacks. Our own government agencies are working to destroy any trust or confidence in U.S. technology companies. Care to compare that damage to the fictional damage from imagined terrorists?

Are there terrorists in the world? You bet. But the relevant question is: Other than blowing smoke for contracts and appropriations, what real danger exists for average U.S. citizen?

I read recently that “6 times more likely to die from hot weather than from a terrorist attack.” For similar numbers and sources, see: Fear of Terror Makes People Stupid.

Let’s not worry the country into the poor house over terrorism.

When anyone claims we are in danger from terrorism, press them for facts. What data? What intelligence? Press for specifics.

If they claim the details are “secret,” know that they don’t know and don’t want you to know they don’t know. (Remembering the attack that was going to happen at the Russian Olympics. Not a threat, not a warning, but was going to happen. Which didn’t happen, by the way.)

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