Subtleties of Color

Simmon is an expert on Earth visualizations for NASA, although he starts off with a great story about an early Mariner image of Mars.

Great quote:

Color has an objective reality, but the colors we see are tricks of the imagination, and there is no perfectly objective view of color.

Interesting comments on use of the rainbow palette.

While searching for an identifier for the “rainbow palette, I found a blog entry to accompany this video: Subtleties of Color: The “Perfect” Palette.

In the video, pay particular attention to the impact of surrounding color on our perception of color.

Great introduction to the nuances of color! And it’s impact on the representation of your data.

Very useful if you want “details” you want to elide or “details” that you want to highlight.

I first saw this in a tweet by James Lane Conkling.

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