Solr In Action – Bug/Feature

Solr In Action has recently appeared from Manning. I bought it on MEAP and am working from the latest version.

There is a bug/feature that you should be aware of if you are using the source code for Solr in Action.

The data-config.xml file (solrpedia/conf/data-config.xml) has the line:


Which works, if and only if you are using Jetty, which resolves the path relative to solrpedia core.

However, if you are running Solr under Tomcat7, you are going to get an indexing failed with the following log message:

Could not find file: solrpedia.xml (resolved to: /var/lib/tomcat/./solrpedia.xml)

If you change:


in solrpedia/conf/data-config.xml to:


it works like a charm.

Good to know before I started on a much larger data import. 😉

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