Building a Database-backed Clojure Web App…

Building a Database-backed Clojure Web App On Top of Heroku Cloud App Platform by Charles Ditzel.

From the post:

Some time ago I wrote a post about Java In the Auto-Scaling Cloud. In the post, I mentioned Heroku. In today’s post, I want to take time to point back to Heroku again, this time with the focus on building web applications. Heroku Dev Center recently posted a great tutorial on building a databased-backed Clojure web application. In this example, a twitter-like app is built that stores “shouts” to a PostgreSQL database. It covers a lot of territory, from connecting to PostgreSQL, to web bindings with Compujure, HTML tempting with Hiccup and assembling the application and testing it. Finally, deploying it.

If you aren’t working on a weekend project already, here is one for your consideration!

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