R and the Weather

R and the Weather by Joseph Rickert.

From the post:

The weather is on everybody’s mind these days: too much ice and snow east of the Rockies and no rain to speak fo in California. Ram Narasimhan has made it a little easier for R users to keep track of what’s going on and also get a historical perspective. His new R package weatherData makes it easy to down load weather data from various stations around the world collecting data. Here is a time series plot of the average temperature recorded at SFO last year with the help of the weatherData’s getWeatherForYear() function. It is really nice that the function returns a data frame of hourly data with the Time variable as class POSIXct.

Everyone is still talking about winter weather but summer isn’t far off and with that comes hurricane season.

You can capture a historical perspective that goes beyond the highest and lowest temperature for a particular day.


I first saw this in The week in stats (Feb. 10th edition).

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