GALEX Unique Source Catalogs (Seibert et al.)

GALEX Unique Source Catalogs (Seibert et al.)

From the webpage:

GALEX has been undertaking a number of surveys covering large areas of sky at a variety of depths. However, making use of this large data set can be difficult because the standard GALEX database contains all of the detected sources, which include many duplicate observations of the same sources, as well as numerous spurious low signal-to-noise sources. At the same time, the sky footprint associated with GALEX observations has not been well defined or presented in an easily usable format.

In order to remedy these problems, Seibert et al. have constructed three catalogs of GALEX measurements; namely the GALEX All-Sky Survey Source Catalog (GASC), the GALEX Medium Imaging Survey Catalog (GMSC), and the Kepler GCAT. Our intention is that these catalogs will provide the primary reference catalog useful for matching GALEX measurements with other large surveys of the sky at other wavelengths.

sky survey
All sky orthographic projection in Galactic coordinates of the NUV sky background in the GASC derived from the GR6 data release. The North Galactic cap is on the left while the South Galactic Cap is shown on the right.

Once astronomers move away from locating objects in the sky, they are no more immune to semantic ambiguity, synonymy and/or polysemy than any other profession.

In case you are looking for a new hobby for 2014, may I suggest amateur astroinformatics?

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