A pandas cookbook

A pandas cookbook by Julia Evans.

From the post:

A few people have told me recently that they find the slides for my talks really helpful for getting started with pandas, a Python library for manipulating data. But then they get out of date, and it’s tough to support slides for a talk that I gave a year ago.

So I was procrastinating packing to leave New York yesterday, and I started writing up some examples, with explanations! A lot of them are taken from talks I’ve given, but I also want to give some new examples, like

  • how to deal with timestamps
  • what is a pivot table and why would you ever want one?
  • how to deal with “big” data

I’ve put it in a GitHub repository called pandas-cookbook. It’s along the same lines as the pandas talks I’ve given – take a real dataset or three, play around with it, and learn how to use pandas along the way.

From what I have seen recently, “cookbooks” are going to be a big item in 2014!

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