NSA Catalog

NSA’s ANT Division Catalog of Exploits for Nearly Every Major Software/Hardware/Firmware

Just in case you missed the news, the NSA has a catalog of hardware and software hacks.

Two points to bear in mind:

First, the catalog dates from 2008, which makes me wonder if it hasn’t been updated or is there a later version of the catalog that will be leaked later?

If shopping fromm a five year old catalog is any indication, small wonder the NSA is collecting lots of information to no avail.

Second, when you get to the catalog pages, note the parts that are blacked out.

Either a copy of the catalog was stolen along with the blackouts already in place or the news agency is censoring the information it distributes.

If it is the latter, I find that real curious.

The U.S. government hides information from us and when the press obtains that information, the press hides information as well.

I suppose I should feel lucky that we get any information at all.

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