Pattern recognition toolbox

Pattern recognition toolbox by Thomas W. Rauber.

From the webpage:

TOOLDIAG is a collection of methods for statistical pattern recognition. The main area of application is classification. The application area is limited to multidimensional continuous features, without any missing values. No symbolic features (attributes) are allowed. The program in implemented in the ‘C’ programming language and was tested in several computing environments. The user interface is simple, command-line oriented, but the methods behind it are efficient and fast. You can customize your own methods on the application programming level with relatively little effort. If you wish a presentation of the theory behind the program at your university, feel free to contact me.

Command line classification. A higher learning curve that some but expect greater flexibility as well.

I thought the requirement of “no missing values” was curious.

If you have a data set with some legitimately missing values, how are you going to replace them in a neutral way?

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