Mapping the open web using GeoJSON

Mapping the open web using GeoJSON by Sean Gillies.

From the post:

GeoJSON is an open format for encoding information about geographic features using JSON. It has much in common with older GIS formats, but also a few new twists: GeoJSON is a text format, has a flexible schema, and is specified in a single HTML page. The specification is informed by standards such as OGC Simple Features and Web Feature Service and streamlines them to suit the way web developers actually build software today.

Promoted by GitHub and used in the Twitter API, GeoJSON has become a big deal in the open web. We are huge fans of the little format that could. GeoJSON suits the web and suits us very well; it plays a major part in our libraries, services, and products.

A short but useful review of why GeoJSON is important to MapBox and why it should be important to you.

A must read if you are interested in geo-locating data of interest to your users to maps.

Sean mentions that Github promotes GeoJSON but I’m curious if the NSA uses/promotes it as well? 😉

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