Think Tank Review

Think Tank Review by Central Library of the General Secretariat of the EU Council.

The title could mean a number of things so when I saw it at Full Text Reports, I followed it.

From the first page:

Welcome to issue 8 of the Think Tank Review compiled by the Council Library.* It references papers published in October 2013. As usual, we provide the link to the full text and a short abstract.

The current Review and past issues can be downloaded from the Intranet of the General Secretariat of the Council or requested to the Library.

A couple of technical points: the Think Tank Review will soon be made available – together with other bibliographic and research products from the Library – on our informal blog at A Beta version is already online for you to comment.

More broadly, in the next months we will be looking for ways to disseminate the contents of the Review in a more sophisticated way than the current – admittedly spartan – collection of links cast in a pdf format. We will look at issues such as indexing, full text search, long-term digital preservation, ease of retrieval and readability on various devices. Ideas from our small but faithful community of readers are welcome. You can reach us at

I’m not a policy wonk so scanning the titles didn’t excite me but it might you or (more importantly) one of your clients.

It seemed like an odd enough resource that you may not encounter it by chance.

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