Database and Query Analysis Tools for MySQL:…

Database and Query Analysis Tools for MySQL: Exploiting Hypertree and Hypergraph Decompositions by Selvameenal Chokkalingam.


A database is an organized collection of data. Database systems are widely used and have a broad range of applications. It is thus essential to find efficient database query evaluation techniques. In the recent years, new theories and algorithms for database query optimization have been developed that exploit advanced graph theoretic concepts. In particular, the graph theoretic concepts of hypergraphs, hypergraph decompositions, and hypertree decompositions have played an important role in the recent research.

This thesis studies algorithms that employ hypergraph decompositions in order to detect the cyclic or acyclic degree of database schema, and describes implementations of those algorithms. The main contribution of this thesis is a collection of software tools for MySQL that exploit hypergraph properties associated with database schema and query structures.

If you remember hypergraphs from database theory this may be the refresher for you.

I stumbled across it earlier today while running down references on hypergraphs.

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