Computable Category Theory

Computable Category Theory

From the Preface (in the book):

This book should be helpful to computer scientists wishing to understand the computational significance of theorems in category theory and the constructions carried out in their proofs. Specialists in programming languages should be interested in the use of a functional programming language in this novel domain of application, particularly in the way in which the structure of programs is inherited from that of the mathematics. It should also be of interest to mathematicians familiar with category theory – they may not be aware of the computational significance of the constructions arising in categorical proofs.

In general, we are engaged in a bridge-building exercise between category theory and computer programming. Our efforts are a first attempt at connecting the abstract mathematics with concrete programs, whereas others have applied categorical ideas to the theory of computation.

Website has a pdf of a book by the same title and source code for programs.

This may not be useful for the “meatball” semantics of everyday practice, developing tools for use in the design information systems is another matter.


  1. Suggest updated works for each section in “Accompanying Texts.”
  2. Annotated bibliography of works listed in #1.
  3. Instances of use of category theory in library science? Should there be? (3-5 pages, citations)

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