Selling Data Science [Topic Maps]

Selling Data Science by Sean Gonzalez.

From the post:

Data Science is said to include statisticians, mathematicians, machine learning experts, algorithm experts, visualization ninjas, etc., and while these objective theories may be useful in recognizing necessary skills, selling our ideas is about execution. Ironically there are plenty of sales theories and guidelines, such as SPIN selling, the iconic ABC scene from boiler room, or my personal favorite from Glengarry Glenross, that tell us what we should be doing, what questions we should be asking, how a sale should progress, and of course how to close, but none of these address the thoughts we may be wrestling with as we navigate conversations. We don’t necessarily mean to complicate things, we just become accustomed to working with other data science types, but we still must reconcile how we communicate with our peers versus people in other walks of life who are often geniuses in their own right.

First in what Sean promises is a series of posts on how to sell data science.

I am sure the lessons will be equally applicable to selling topic maps.

I am not expecting magic bullets but it is a series of posts that I will follow.


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