Cryptology ePrint Archive

Cryptology ePrint Archive

As a result of finding the paper in: Subject Identity Obfuscation?, I stumbled upon the Cryptography ePrint Archive.

A forbidding title list awaits, unless you are a cryptography expert.

Still, a resource to be aware of for the latest developments in cryptography.

Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four fiction has become fact, more or less everywhere.

Savvy clients/customers will expect you to secure their data. Against surveillance by competitors and governments.

Reading in the Wall Street Journal stories like:

Microsoft provided a lengthy statement to the Guardian and other news outlets at the time the story was published. Microsoft on Tuesday released a blog post that largely repeated its earlier statements.

In the post Tuesday, for the first time, the company did address the encryption-cracking issue. Microsoft said in its statement that it “does not provide any government with the ability to break the encryption, nor does it provide the government with the encryption keys.”

Yet that’s not exactly what the Guardian claimed. The Guardian said Microsoft worked with the FBI to “come up with a solution that allowed the NSA to circumvent encryption” on online chats via, Microsoft’s Web-based email service.

is not going to increase the good will of your clients/customers.

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