JChemInf volumes as single PDFs

JChemInf volumes as single PDFs by Egon Willighagen.

From the post:

One of the advantages of a print journal is that you are effectively forced to look at papers which may not have received your attention in the first place. Online journals do not provide such functionality, and you’re stuck with the table of contents, and never see that cool figure from that paper with the boring title.

Of course, the problem is artificial. We have pdftk and we can make PDF of issues, or in the present example, of complete volumes. Handy, I’d say. It saves you from many, many downloads and forces you to scan through all pages. Anyway, I wanted to scan the full JChemInf volumes, and rather have one PDF per volume. So, I created them. And you can get them too. The journal is Open Access after all (CC-BY).


Egon has links to the Journal of Cheminformatics (as complete volumes), vols. 1 – 4.

He also has a good point about print journals increasing the potential for a chance encounter with unexpected information.

Personalization of search results is a step away from serendipity.

Thoughts on how to step back towards serendipity?

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