Visualizing Web Scale Geographic Data…

Visualizing Web Scale Geographic Data in the Browser in Real Time: A Meta Tutorial by Sean Murphy.

From the post:

Visualizing geographic data is a task many of us face in our jobs as data scientists. Often, we must visualize vast amounts of data (tens of thousands to millions of data points) and we need to do so in the browser in real time to ensure the widest-possible audience for our efforts and we often want to do this leveraging free and/or open software.

Luckily for us, Google offered a series of fascinating talks at this year’s (2013) IO that show one particular way of solving this problem. Even better, Google discusses all aspects of this problem: from cleaning the data at scale using legacy C++ code to providing low latency yet web-scale data storage and, finally, to rendering efficiently in the browser. Not surprisingly, Google’s approach highly leverages **alot** of Google’s technology stack but we won’t hold that against them.


Sean sets the background for two presentations:

All the Ships in the World: Visualizing Data with Google Cloud and Maps (36 minutes)


Google Maps + HTML5 + Spatial Data Visualization: A Love Story (60 minutes) (source code:

Both are well worth your time.

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