Mini Search Engine…

Mini Search Engine – Just the basics, using Neo4j, Crawler4j, Graphstream and Encog by Brian Du Preez.

From the post:

Continuing to chapter 4 of Programming Collection Intelligence (PCI) which is implementing a search engine.

I may have bitten off a little more than I should of in 1 exercise. Instead of using the normal relational database construct as used in the book, I figured, I always wanted to have a look at Neo4J so now was the time. Just to say, this isn’t necessarily the ideal use case for a graph db, but how hard could to be to kill 3 birds with 1 stone.

Working through the tutorials trying to reset my SQL Server, Oracle mindset took a little longer than expected, but thankfully there are some great resources around Neo4j.

Just a couple:
neo4j – learn
Graph theory for busy developers

Since I just wanted to run this as a little exercise, I decided to go for a in memory implementation and not run it as a service on my machine. In hindsight this was probably a mistake and the tools and web interface would have helped me visualise my data graph quicker in the beginning.

The general search space is filled by major contenders.

But that leaves open opportunities for domain specific search services.

Law and medicine have specialized search engines. What commercially viable areas are missing them?

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