Log as a Service (Part 1 of 2)

Log as a Service (Part 1 of 2) by Oliver Kennedy.

From the post:

Last week I introduced some of the hype behind our new project: Laasie. This week, let me delve into some of the technical details. Although for simplicity, I’ll be using the present tense, please keep in mind that what I’m about to describe is work in progress. We’re hard at work implementing these, and will release when-it’s-ready (tm blizzard entertainment).

So, let’s get to it. There are two state abstractions in Laasie: state land, and log land. I’ll address each of these independently.

See: Laasie: Building the next generation of collaborative applications.

I am partially interested in Laasie because of work that is ongoing to enable ODF markup to support collaborative editing (a special case of change tracking).

I am also interested because authoring topic maps should be a social enterprise, which implies collaborative editing.

Finally, in hopes that collaborative editing will fade the metaphor of a physical document. A “document” will be what we have requested to be displayed at a point in time, populated by particular components and content.

I remain deeply interested in physical texts and their traditions, including transmission.

However, they should not be confused with their simulacra that we make manifest with our computers.

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