Trying to get the coding Pig,

Trying to get the coding Pig, er – monkey off your back?

From the webpage:

Are you struggling with the basic ‘WordCount’ demo, or which Mahout algorithm you should be using? Forget hand-coding and see what you can do with Talend Studio.

In this on-demand webinar we demonstrate how you could become MUCH more productive with Hadoop and NoSQL. Talend Big Data allows you to develop in Eclipse and run your data jobs 100% natively on Hadoop… and become a big data guru over night. Rémy Dubois, big data specialist and Talend Lead developer, shows you in real-time:

  • How to visually create the ‘WordCount’ example in under 5 minutes
  • How to graphically build a big data job to perform sentiment analysis
  • How to archive NoSQL and optimize data warehouse usage

A content filled webinar! Who knew?

Be forewarned that the demos presume familiarity with the Talend interface and the demo presenter is difficult to understand.

From what I got out of the earlier parts of the webinar, very much a step in the right direction to empower users with big data.

Think of the distance between stacks of punch cards (Hadoop/MapReduce a few years ago) and the personal computer (Talend and others).

That was a big shift. This one is likely to be as well.

Looks like I need to spend some serious time with the latest Talend release!

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