Semantic Queries. Who Knew?

The New Generation of Database Technology Includes Semantics and Search David Gorbet, VP of Engineering for MarkLogic, chatted with Bloor Group Principal Robin Bloor in a recent Briefing Room.

From near the end of the interview:

There’s still a lot of opportunity to light up new scenarios for our customers. That’s why we’re excited about our semantics capabilities in MarkLogic 7. We believe that semantics technology is the next generation of search and discovery, allowing queries based on the concepts you’re looking for and not just the words and phrases. MarkLogic 7 will be the only database to allow semantics queries combined with document search and element/value queries all in one place. Our customers are excited about this.

Need to watch the marketing literature from MarkLogic for riffs and themes to repeat for topic map-based solutions.

Not to mention that topic maps can point into add semantics to existing data stores and their contents.

Re-using current data stores sounds more attractive than ripping out all your data to migrate to another platform.


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