The Charm of Being Small (4K)

white one – Making of

From the post:

white one is my first 4k intro and my first serious demoscene production (as far as something like that can be serious). I’m new to C coding and to sizecoding in particular, so there were a lot of things to be learned which I’ll try to summarize here. Download and run the executable (nvidia only, sorry) or watch the video capture first:

A 4k intro is a executable file of at most 4 kilobytes (4096 bytes) that generates video and audio. That is, it puts something moving on your screen and something audible on your speakers. The finished product runs for a few minutes, has some coherent theme and design and ideally, sound and visual effects complement each other. On top of that, it’s a technical challenge: It’s impossible to store 3D models, textures or sound samples in 4 kilobytes, so you have to generate these things at runtime if you need them.

Overwhelmed by the impossibility of all this I started messing around.

I had been lurking on a few demoparties, but never released anything nontrivial – i do know some OpenGL, but i am normally coding Lisp which tends to produce executables that are measured in megabytes. Obviously, that had to change if i wanted to contribute a small intro. Playing with the GL Shading Language had always been fun for me, so it was clear that something shader-heavy was the only option. And I had some experience with C from microcontroller hacking.


While researching visualizations I encountered this jewel.

Good summer fun and perhaps an incentive to have coding catch up with hardware.

Lots of hardware can make even poor code run acceptably, but imagine good code with lots of hardware.

BTW, as an additional resource, see:

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