Massively Parallel Suffix Array Queries…

Massively Parallel Suffix Array Queries and On-Demand Phrase Extraction for Statistical Machine Translation Using GPUs by Hua He, Jimmy Lin, Adam Lopez.


Translation models can be scaled to large corpora and arbitrarily-long phrases by looking up translations of source phrases on the fly in an indexed parallel text. However, this is impractical because on-demand extraction of phrase tables is a major computational bottleneck. We solve this problem by developing novel algorithms for general purpose graphics processing units (GPUs), which enable suffix array queries for phrase lookup and phrase extractions to be massively parallelized. Our open-source implementation improves the speed of a highly-optimized, state-of-the-art serial CPU-based implementation by at least an order of magnitude. In a Chinese-English translation task, our GPU implementation extracts translation tables from approximately 100 million words of parallel text in less than 30 milliseconds.

If you think about topic maps as mapping the identification of a subject in multiple languages to a single representative, then the value of translation software becomes obvious.

You may or may not, depending upon project requirements, want to rely solely on automated mappings of phrases.

Whether you use automated mapping of phrases as an “assist” to or as a sanity check on human curation, this work looks very interesting.

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