I suppose it had to happen. With all the noise about public data sets that someone would create a startup to search them. 😉

Not a lot of detail at the site but you can sign up for a free trial.


100,000+ Public Data Sources: Access everything from import bills of lading, to aircraft ownership, lobbying activity,real estate assessments, spectrum licenses, financial filings, liens, government spending contracts and much, much more.

Augment Your Data: Get a more complete picture of investments, customers, partners, and suppliers. Discover unseen correlations between events, geographies and transactions.

API Access: Get direct access to the data sets, relational engine and NLP technologies that power Enigma.

Request Custom Data: Can’t find a data set anywhere else? Need to synthesize data from disparate sources? We are here to help.

Discover While You Work: Never miss a critical piece of information. Enigma uncovers entities in context, adding intelligence and insight to your daily workflow.

Powerful Context Filters: Our vast collection of public data sits atop a proprietary data ontology. Filter results by topics, tags and source to quickly refine and scope your query.

Focus on the Data: Immerse yourself in the details. Data is presented in its raw form, full screen and without distraction.

Curated Metadata: Source data is often unorganized and poorly documented. Our domain experts focus on sanitizing, organizing and annotating the data.

Easy Filtering: Rapidly prototype hypotheses by refining and shaping data sets in context. Filter tools allow the sorting, refining, and mathematical manipulation of data sets.

The “proprietary data ontology” jumps out at me as an obvious question. Do users get to know what the ontology is?

Not to mention the “our domain experts focus on sanitizing,….” Works for some cases, take legal research for example. Not sure that “your” experts works as well as “my” experts for less focused areas.

Looking forward to learning more about Enigma!

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