Real-Time Data Aggregation [White Paper Registration Warning]

Real-Time Data Aggregation by Caroline Lim.

From the post:

Fast response times generate costs savings and greater revenue. Enterprise data architectures are incomplete unless they can ingest, analyze, and react to data in real-time as it is generated. While previously inaccessible or too complex — scalable, affordable real-time solutions are now finally available to any enterprise.

Infochimps Cloud::Streams

Read Infochimps’ newest whitepaper on how Infochimps Cloud::Streams is a proprietary stream processing framework based on four years of experience with sourcing and analyzing both bulk and in-motion data sources. It offers a linearly and fault-tolerant stream processing engine that leverages a number of well-proven web-scale solutions built by Twitter and Linkedin engineers, with an emphasis on enterprise-class scalability, robustness, and ease of use.

The price of this whitepaper is disclosure of your contact information.

Annoying considering the lack of substantive content about the solution. The use cases are mildly interesting but admit to any number of similar solutions.

If you need real-time data aggregation, skip the white paper and contact your IT consultant/vendor. (Including Infochimps, who do very good work, which is why a non-substantive white paper is so annoying.)

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