ElasticSearch: Text analysis for content enrichment

ElasticSearch: Text analysis for content enrichment by Jaibeer Malik.

From the post:

Taking an example of a typical eCommerce site, serving the right content in search to the end customer is very important for the business. The text analysis strategy provided by any search solution plays very big role in it. As a search user, I would prefer some of typical search behavior for my query to automatically return,

  • should look for synonyms matching my query text
  • should match singluar and plural words or words sounding similar to enter query text
  • should not allow searching on protected words
  • should allow search for words mixed with numberic or special characters
  • should not allow search on html tags
  • should allow search text based on proximity of the letters and number of matching letters

Enriching the content here would be to add above search capabilities to you content while indexing and searching for the content.

I thought the “…look for synonyms matching my query text…” might get your attention. 😉

Not quite a topic map because there isn’t any curation of the search results, saving the next searcher time and effort.

But in order to create and maintain a topic map, you are going to need expansion of your queries by synonyms.

You will take the results of those expanded queries and fashion them into a topic map.

Think of it this way:

Machines can rapidly harvest, even sort content at your direction.

What they can’t do is curate the results of their harvesting.

That requires a secret ingredient.

That would be you.

I first saw this at DZone.

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