MarkLogic Announces Free Developer License for Enterprise [With Odd Condition]

MarkLogic Announces Free Developer License for Enterprise

From the post:

MarkLogic Corporation today announced the availability of a free Developer License for MarkLogic Enterprise Edition.

The Developer License provides access to the features available in MarkLogic Enterprise Edition, including integrated search, government-grade security, clustering, replication, failover, alerting, geospatial indexing, conversion, and a suite of application development tools. MarkLogic also announced the Mongo2MarkLogic converter, a Java-based tool for importing data from MongoDB into MarkLogic providing developers immediate access to features needed to build out enterprise-ready big data solutions.

“By providing a free Developer License we enable developers to quickly deliver reliable, scalable and secure information and analytic applications that are production-ready,” said Gary Bloom, CEO and President of MarkLogic. “Many of our customers first experimented with other free NoSQL products, but turned to MarkLogic when they recognized the need for search, security, support for ACID transactions and other features necessary for enterprise environments. Our goal is to eliminate the cost barrier for developers and give them access to the best enterprise NoSQL platform from the start.”

The Developer License for MarkLogic Enterprise Edition includes tools for faster application development, business intelligence (BI) tool integration, analytic functions and visualization tools, and the ability to create user-defined functions for fast and flexible analysis of huge volumes of data.

You would think that story would merit at least one link to the free developer program.

For your convenience: Developer License for Enterprise Edition. BTW, MarkLogic homepage.

That wasn’t hard. Two links and you have direct access to the topic of the story and the company.

One odd licensing condition:

Q. Can I publish my work done with MarkLogic Server?

A. We encourage you to share your work publicly, but note that you can not disclose, without MarkLogic prior written consent, any performance or capacity statistics or the results of any benchmark test performed on MarkLogic Server.

That sounds just a tad defensive doesn’t it?

I haven’t looked at MarkLogic for a couple of iterations but earlier versions had no need to fear statistics or benchmark tests.

Results vary depending on how testing is done but anyone authorized to recommend or sign acquisition orders should know that.

If they don’t, your organization has more serious problems than needing a MarkLogic server.

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