Data Inte-Aggregration [Heads Up!]

Data Inte-Aggregration by David Loshin.

From the post:

One of our clients is a government agency that, among many other directives, is tasked with collecting data from many sources, merging that data into a single asset and then making that collected data set available to the public. Interestingly, the source data sets themselves represent aggregations pulled from different collections of internal transactions between any particular company and a domain of individuals within a particular industry.

The agency must then collect the data from the many different companies and then link the records for each individual from each company, sum the totals for the sets of transactions and then present the collected totals for each individual.

This scenario poses a curious challenge: there is an integration, an aggregation, another integration, then another aggregation. But the first sets of integration and aggregation occur behind the corporate firewall while the second set is performed by a third party. That is the reason that I titled this blog post “Data Inte-Aggregation,” in reference to this dual-phased data consolidation that crosses administrative barriers.

David is starting a series of posts on aggregating data that crosses “administrative barriers.”

Looking forward to this series and so should you!

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