5 online tools in data visualization playground

5 online tools in data visualization playground

From the post:

While building up an analytics dashboard, one of the major decision points is regarding the type of charts and graphs that would provide better insight into the data. To avoid a lot of re-work later, it makes sense to try the various chart options during the requirement and design phase. It is probably a well known myth that existing tool options in any product can serve all the user requirements with just minor configuration changes. We all know and realize that code needs to be written to serve each customer’s individual needs.

To that effect, here are 5 tools that could empower your technical and business teams to decide on visualization options during the requirement phase. Listed below are online tools for you to add data and use as playground.


  1. Many Eyes (IBM)
  2. Circos
  3. Google Chart Tools
  4. Color Brewer
  5. Mr. Data Converter

Plus other related tools.

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